2020 Has Been A Challenge To Set Up a New Company – But We Have Done It! Winning the Top Prize! It Has Taken Much Effort and Work, But We Got There In The End!


Innovation & Excellence Award

Welcome to...

Welcome to GD:UK the paranormal team from The Dimension Group. We have around 10 members some who believe and never really experienced, the one’s that experience and want proof, and our sensitives and mediums who see it all from a different point altogether. 
You will find that we are very unique, not threatened by any other group or body out there, and we are out to prove that something exists without all the bull, without fakes, and without pretense. 
What you see on our cameras is what is shot and where we can we will explain everything that is going on.

Our Ghost Tours are based on facts, from what people have seen, have felt and lots and lots of research. Many hours go into creating a haunting 90-minute tour, in fact, it is around 180-200 hours of research!

Our events are somewhat different to what people may think. We investigate to find out what is in the building, we investigate to find the truth, to communicate with whatever is there at the time of the investigation. At our events you will get involved in all aspects from lone vigils to group events, from sitting in a room with a camera on your own or working with one of our mediums, there is something for everyone. 
You will also get to use all professional equipment, such as SLS camera systems, Night Vision Filming, EVP Sessions, using such equipment as lasers, white noise systems, ghost boxes, EMFs, and much much more. 
As we move forward, we are looking at no more than 10 people at each event for every 3 crew members, making it more intimate and giving you the best possible experience that we can offer.


Have you ever thought about what it is like to walk through a cemetery at night? Walk along the haunted and lonely canals in a subterranean city? Perhaps you would like to take a gentle ghost walk through the medieval streets of Warwick or Walk through the hollow and empty lanes in Ancient Coventry? 
Why not join our professional guides, as they lead you on a tour, deep into the world of ghosts and spirits, telling you tales of the dead, the dying, and the one’s that still live.

Perhaps for the one’s who are a little more brave, an overnight event in some of the UKs most haunted locations. From The Tops of the North to the ends of the world in the South, we have some very fascinating and exciting sites to investigate.
On our overnight events, you get involved using professional equipment from SLS cameras to Night Vision to EMFs and EVPs and why not try your hand at a Ghost Box Session? All equipment is provided on the night along with your paranormal investigators, crew and our in-house mediums.