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The Forced Behind The Paranormal


Welcome to the world of ghosts and spirits and the paranormal team GD:UK. We have around 10 people in the crew from investigators to mediums and people who are still waiting for something to happen.
Our team have investigated many places, from some of the most haunted in the UK, to the exclusive venues that we are often invited to.
Our aim is to bring you paranormal and unexplainable facts, nothing but the truth, nothing faked and nothing made up.

Haunted Wolfhamcote
Warwick Extended Tour

Ticket Information

All Our Overnight Ghost Hunts are Indivually Priced Depending On Location.

Standard Ticket

£ 9.99
  • Standard Ticket
  • Tour Time 75 Mins

2x Standard Ticket

£ 14.99
  • Standard Ticket
  • Tour Time 75 Mins

Premium Ticket

£ 14.99
  • Standard Ticket
  • Filmed Into TV Style Program
  • Tour Time 75 Mins

2x Premium Ticket

£ 19.99
  • Standard Ticket
  • Filmed Into TV Style Program
  • Tour Time 75 Mins

Multi Media

Welcome to the World of Magazines and Podcasting…

Dimension News – Paranormal News for a Peculiar World

Dimension news came out of the 1st UK lockdown. It was a way of getting people together over social media and writing about a subject that they are passionate about.
The idea of the paper is to bring the paranormal, from ghosts to spirits to mediums to aliens and everything in between.
Over the last months, the paper has gone from strength to strength and continues to grow.

Dimension Podcasts

With lockdown well underway, some of our team were bored and came up with the idea that we can create podcasts from the comfort of our home offices.
With the use of Zoom and the likes, we started to record podcasts from interviews with international authors, world-class mediums, and then from there we have gone from strength to strength and now record a wide variety of programs.


Welcome to the world of retail brought to you by Ghosts and Ghouls, Part of The Dimension Group. You will find a croass range of gifts, collectables and unique finds from T Shirts to Soap Flowers to Candles.

Haunted Gallery

The Dimension Group has some unique haunted objects from some of the Dead Famous! We have alter bowls, dolls, voodoo dolls, boxes, bottles, sacrificial bowls and many many more… As you walk into our Haunted Museum, will you dare handle some of these haunted paranormal objects..?



GD:UK & The Dimension Group

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