There are many things in the pipeline for GDUK with new ideas to work on, new tours and events to start and we are looking more into the social media side of things, from more live broadcasts to watch parties. Our medium, Liam, will be working with the production team from The Dimension Group and we will be filming some new Haunted Towns episodes to keep everyone entertained.

Our new production team will be looking at making more Podcasts which are always free!

So there may be an epidemic, but we will keep moving forward, and when it is safe to do so, we can put a lot more of our plans in place.

The Dimension Group and Company want to open a shop, coffee bar and meeting areas for spiritual meetings, readings, tarot, teachings and more. So we have all this to look forward to, once we are allowed!

We want everyone to be safe and well and this is why there will be nothing happening with groups or teams until we know that everyone will be safe. Lives matter more than money and a tour!