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Our Haunted Historical Ghost Tours and Haunted Pubs tours are not a scare tour in the slightest. Our tours base themselves on the truth, the facts, the stories and information that may have been passed down over the years. 
Your guide will take you on a journey, telling you stories of the dead, the dying, the hauntings and some of the secrets that many buildings hide!

Our Haunted Pub Tour takes in some of the many pubs in Warwick, where you are going to be told of the dark secrets that these pubs hide. You will told haunted tales of the dead as you make your way from pub to pub. This tour will end at one of the haunted pubs, where if you are brave enough, you to can drink with the spirits.
All our Ghost Tours last approx 60 mins


On our Ghost Hunting events are an exciting professional ghost investigation. You will work with qualified paranormal investigators, mediums and crew through-out the night where you will be able to take part in experiments, EVP sessions, ghost-box sessions, seances, lone vigils, group vigils, board sessions and use such equipment as SLS camera (stickman), night vision cameras, EVPs, EMFs, ghost boxes, infra-red detection systems, haunted objects and trigger objects as well some of our more old-fashioned ghost hunting equipment including dowsing crystals, rods and white noise systems. 
You will be in small exclusive groups, and you will get the chance to use and get involved anything that y ou want to, and if  you don’t want to do something, then there will always be something else happening that you can get involved in.
All equipment is supplied on the night along with beverages and biscuits.
Our Ghost Hunting Events last between 4hours and 8hours depending on the location.